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Sabrina's work is dedicated to establishing best practices and developing curricular and policy guidance for increasing youth political literacy, advocating for gender equity in education, supporting Black girls' sociopolitical development, and improving Black girls' educational experiences.



2020    Curtis, S. J. (2020). Sisters, friends, and kin: Critical pedagogies and Black girl civics. In J. Mackey & G. Logan (Eds.). Black Girl Civics: Expanding and Navigating the Boundaries of Civic Engagement. Charlotte, NC: Information Age (pp. 55-69).


Manuscripts Under Review


Curtis, S.J. Black Girl Politics: Curricular Interventions for Nurturing Black Girls’ Political Consciousness (revise and resubmit – Journal of African American Women and Girls).


Curtis, S.J. Possessing a higher consciousness: Black Feminism and spirituality in critical civic inquiry (accepted – book editors Dr. V. Evans-Winters, Dr. A. Pabon, and Dr. T. Robinson)


Curtis, S.J. & Ali, A.I. Surveillance in Education: Implications for Research and Practice. In. Danny C. Martinez and Elizabeth Montaño (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Social Justice in Education, Bloomsbury. (invited entry under review).


Dortch, D., Curtis, S.J., & Powell, N.N.  The hidden cost of admission: African American doctoral students experiencing isolation (revise and resubmit – International Journal of Doctoral Studies).


Manuscripts In Preparation


Curtis, S.J. Autotheory in Practice: Black Girl Politics as a Site of Research and Self-Inquiry (in preparation)


Curtis, S.J. Resisting Anti-CRT Antics: Fostering Black Girls’ Critical Consciousness through Historically Responsive Literacy (in preparation).

Talk: Critical Approaches to Education Research: A Conversation on Engaging with Adolescent Girls in the U.S. and Zimbabwe

Focus: Methodological approaches to engaging with Black girls and youth in community education spaces.

Talk: Global Citizenship Education and the Crises of Multiculturalism

Focus: Discussant and participant in a panel on Dr. Abdeljali Akkari's and Katherine Maleq's book Global Citizenship Education Critical and International Perspectives. 

SJC GCE Discussant_IEP_edited_edited.jpg

Research Study: Black Girl Politics: The Dialectics of Civic Practice

Focus: Critical qualitative interpretive study that included a curricular intervention for increasing civic knowledge and nurturing Black girls' political literacies. 

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